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Download the dll-file to run Visual Basic from here

  • To run Visual Basic
  • You may download Audacities both versions from here

  • Audacity version 1.2.6 for Windows (Stable)
  • Audacity version 1.3.12 for Windows (Beta)

  • To be able to save in MP3 format: Download
  • Download C++ Compilator and JCreator interpretator, study Tutorial and solutions from here.

  • Bloodshed dev-C++
  • C++ Tutorial
  • Prov Programmering A C++
  • Snabb kod C++
  • Examples of Newton Raphson's method solution by C++
        Example 1: 6sin(x)=sqrt(x)
        Example 2: cos(x) = pow(e, -x)
  • JCreator
  • Basic Java Tutorial by Video
  • Java Tutorial

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